Three endangered mountain gorillas killed by lightning strike

Mountain gorillas live in a small patch of montane, rainforest in Central Africa. Being a mountainous region there are naturally dangers and unfortunately 3 mountain gorillas, succumbed to one of these dangers recently. They were killed by a lightning strike.

The mountain gorilla population does currently stand at around 1000 members having grown by almost 50% since 2008. This is very impressive for a slow breeding population like gorillas, but this is a still a relatively small population and a local epidemic could make the situation very poor.

Due to the increase in their population the mountain gorillas’ conservation status has been moved from critically endangered to endangered. There is being very impressive work done on the protection of mountain gorillas since the time of Dian Fossey’s study. However, this is by no means over and we must continue to make sure that this population survives.

One of the ways to do this is to visit the mountain gorillas, and I hope to add holidays to allow you to do this to this site in the coming months.

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