Columbia’s invasive hippos: the biggest invasive species in the world

Pablo Escobar was an extraordinarily successful drug Kingpin in Colombia, because of the standards law enforcement in Colombia he was able to demonstrate his well through extravagant spending without worrying if he would be challenged.

One of the things he spent a great deal of money on was his private Zoo. He kept a number of animals including elephants giraffes and other exciting animals. On his downfall most of these animals were taken to other zoos but the hippos escaped. Far from struggling to survive in their new habitat, they have thrived and multiplied with current estimates now say the population is between 50 and 60.

Many countries around the world have problems with invasive species, however hippos have the potential to be one of the most damaging. Apart from their large size they are also extremely dangerous and eat a great deal of food.

These animals really need to be removed from there unnatural environment as soon as possible so due to the small amount of money that the government there has this is unlikely to occur any time soon.

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