Extreme Weather appears to be causing a feedback loop

Extreme weather in the form of floods, cool periods and heatwaves appears to be leading to an increase in the amount of CO2 being emitted because of the extra demand for energy to help with dealing with the effects.

Heatwaves require more cooling, and cold snaps extra heating, each cause extra emissions whether through more electricity generation required, or heating directly burning gas. This has led to the biggest jump in gas consumption experienced in the last 30 years, as well as an increase in coal use that reversed a trend for the previous few years.

Obviously this is of concern to scientists because if extreme weather leads to more energy use, created by burning fossil fuels then this is likely to lead to more extreme Weather- and the loop continues. 

Two-thirds of this energy demand increase came from the USA, India and China, who are the biggest emitters in the world anyway. As the wealth in the hotter parts of China and India increases they are likely to have more air conditioning which will mean a further increase in carbon emissions.

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