Plans are afoot to reintroduce beavers into London

Having only green-lit beaver reintroduction in the UK in the last decade, there are large numbers of places that they will return to over the next few years.

As rodents, beavers often live in close proximity to human habitation. Our inner city waterways need just as much cleaning and flood protection as our countryside – often more
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New youtube video! Beavers of Devon

Although we set up a seeanimalswild youtube website a few years ago, due to Covid and a few other reasons we havent been able to travel and so havent had any videos to put up.

That changed today.

During half term we took our children to east Devon and managed to see the beavers a few times. Here is the video amalgamation of those sightings.

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The youtube channel is meant to work with this website.

The video in question is hopefully the first in a long list for the website section “in the shadow of mankind”

Reintroduced beavers, once extinct in the UK, could damage the ecosystem?

British fisherman and a number of other people have argued that reintroducing beavers or allowing the beavers that are here to thrive would severely damage the river and its ecosystem.

This is a peculiar argument and must be categorically and thoroughly rejected. Beavers are a native part of the British ecosystem.

While some people might argue a dam looks untidy, they have positive impacts on the health of the river
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Beaver trial reintroduction in the UK has a problem when one of the animals escapes

Reintroducing beavers into the UK would be a very sensible move. As a natural part of our ecosystem the fact that they are no longer there has an impact. Apart from the substantial reduction in flash floods that will occur should beavers be reintroduced across the UK, they also have a huge impact on biodiversity and the general river ecosystem as well as acting as a filter meaning that the water further downstream is substantially cleaner virtually eliminating all farm runoff.

However at the moment all British schemes to do with reintroducing beavers consist of putting the beavers into relatively small enclosures and then watching their impacts and how well they do.

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