The Slovenian Alps

Slovenia is a small country that lies beneath Austria and to the East of Italy. The eastern Alps run from Italy east to Slovenia, and ends within its borders.

Slovenia is an incredibly mountainous country, with more than 90% lying more than 200m above sea level. It is also still more than 50% forest. Between these two facts, Slovenia is very welcoming to wildlife.

Apart from sizable numbers of Chamois and Ibex as well as marmots, they have plenty of deer, boar and hares. Small predators consist of foxes badgers wild cats and jackels. In terms of bigger predators, there are 40-60 wolves, about 450 bears, and about 40 lynx.

Now while some of these numbers sound small, you have to remember that this is a small country. As such its bear population is density is far higher than other countries in the region. The wolf numbers are low, however, again, given the small size of the country, they will largely share their wolves with the countries around it.

If you are looking for predators Kocevsko forests are the place that you should spend the majority of your time. In the summer months, bear watching is most common. The majority of wolf tours are done during winter, where you can look for the wolf tracks in the snow. Having said that, these animals are wild and can turn up at any time.

Slovenian Alps and lak
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