Austria is the 23rd largest country in Europe, and lies in the middle. As such, historically virtually all predators were hunted to extinction quite some time ago, and they have not been given a big chance to return.

Bears survive in Austria but only 25-30 remain. They are thought to live in the centre of the country. However, despite regularly recording successful breeding, the population has not grown. It is not clear what is the problem, though bears often appear to vanish at adolescence.

Wolves, similarly were lost back in the 1882 but returned silently 2016. There are currently only 80 or so animals. However, as you can see from the map below, they have been sited in a wide area (this is sightings for a whole year).

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Please note, the map and sightings reporting below is only for wildlife outside the Alpine regionof Austria. If you click on the red area (which is the Austrian Alps) this will take you to the page giving you information on this area of the country and allow reporting sightings from this region.

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