Sangay national park, Ecuardor



Sangay national park covers 5178 square km or 2000 square miles. As it has a variety of different habitats including glaciers, volcanic landscapes cloud forests, tropical forests grasslands, wetlands, and even one of the largest areas of high elevation moorlands in the country. It also has over 300 lakes which keep a wetland area covering over 3000 hectares in a good state.


Apart from all its other habitats, it is a vital place for various species of the Andes including the mountain tapire and the spectacled bear. In the forests at lower elevation you can find more spectacled bears along with giant otters, jaguar ocelot, margay Brazillian Tapir, white-tailed deer, little red brocket deer and northern Pudu. While seen less often both Cougar and Pampas cat have been recorded within its boundary as well.


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