Thank you for your interest. We cannot save the natural world alone. Whether you work in a wilderness, known around the world, live alongside animals that other people might be interested in seeing, or are just interested in reading about the natural world and visiting it, you will find links on this page. For those eager to play a more active role (very much needed) we have several membership programs. The members area is there for those who have listed a destination on the website -either as a “wild place” or “in the shadow of mankind”. There is also the chance to be a contributing member (or suporter)    

 Our other members area “Ambassador supporters” is aimed at those readers who wish to do more. As well as making a small contribution towards the website, you will have the ability to help us spread the word by introducing people who then become wild members – and be recognized as such. In this way you have the ability to make sure that your personal travel benefits the natural world. We want our list of members to grow as fast as possible, so that we can fulfil our lofty goals.

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Search our wild places to see wild animals - list growing fast
Visit somwhere, where wildlife lives but is not the prime use of the land. Your visit will financially support the landowner, and so give incentive to allow the wildlife to survive and flourish

Become a wild member – List the wildlife you are surrounded by and share it with paying visitors. 

Wild places - Click here to list your campsite, lodge or tour guide services in an area set aside for wildlife

List your wild opportunity, national park lodge or campsite

In the shadow of mankind -  Click here to list wildlife outside reserves. Rewarding those who live with wildlife on their land. Whether you supply access, accommodation, guiding or something else

In the shadow of Mankind - share the animals on your land. Whether people sit on your land or in a hide, you can benefit from the animals that live alongside you

This project is enormous. We are trying to make it so that it is always financially better to conserve wildlife than to eradicate it. We cannot do this alone. Join us as an ambassador supporter. This will allow you to make a significant difference to the survival of wild species that you encounter when you are travelling, and help support the work that we are doing.

We all need to care, not just those who live alongside wildlife

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