India now home to over 3000 tigers (though this does not equate to 75% as some have claimed)

The tiger population of India continues to grow. It has recently passed 3000 animals which is a fantastic success, as the tiger population of India fell as low as 2000 back in the 1970s and was as low as 1500 just 17 years ago.. To put this number in context, going back 200 years estimates vary from over 100,000 to 58,000.

Image credit: Sascha Kohlmann

Now it is true that numbers will never climb back to over 100,000 as they have lost so much habitat, never the less, it is reasonable to think that India has space for several tens of thousands of Tigers, as they are given the right amount of space, and as poaching is stopped.

It should be noted, that at the current time, it is thought that at least 1000 of the tigers of India live outside protected reserves – I hope that you will help spread the word to people living alongside tigers, we want to help them pay their way.

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