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    The aim of this website is two-fold,

    One is simply a wildlife blog, highlighting interesting news.

    The other is a far bigger aim but could do some good in the natural world. The majority of wildlife protection is funded through tourism, yet at the current time, this information is hugely fragmented making research for a trip complicated. This is why so many people work through a travel agency.
    This website aims to collate information on as many wild places as possible, both to simplify the process for tourists, but also to allow those trying to support wild areas an easier way of bringing visitors.

    We have two lists: those places like nature reserves and national parks (set aside for wilderness) which we have called “wild places” and those places where humans and people share space in an often contentious arrangement.

    Do list places that you have found to be good for wildlife and the animals that you encountered. Include any details you have, this will help our listings grow at a speed that is needed to be part of the solution.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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