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    This page is here to discuss places which could be described as being ‘in the shadow of mankind’. There may be some habitation or farming, or indeed some other land use, but this leaves space for wildlife. It may be farmland, or they may use it occasionally. In many previously forested countries small fragments are left behind. These can range from tiny to covering several square miles.

    In Europe, this would include animals such as bears and wolves who rarely stay within land set aside for them, often spending most of their lives on farmland. My desire is to be able to give farmers and other land owners a second income. This could consist of an evening drive to show tourists the animals that they share their land with, or perhaps the use of a small hut to allow viewing of nocturnal animals such as bears. This is not just something that could be good in Europe, for instance, in South Africa more than 80% of the wild cheetahs live outside reserves on farmland – the ability for a farmer to make some money daily, by allowing people to watch the cheetah will turn these cats from an irritant to something to be cherished.

    We aim to list many of these places around the world and make it financially worth maintaining wildlife wildlife populations alongside whatever your primary income use of the land is.

    Do talk about fascinating places that you have visited, do include contacts so that we can reach out and hopefully increase the reach, and the number of people visiting.

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