Ebony lodge

Ebony lodge has a fantastic location, set alongside the Sabi Sands river. This location means that even when resting in the lodge, animals will be visiting the river giving fantastic sightings.

A traditional lodge in the 19th century tradition, the place is full of items of curiosity.

Consisting of 12 incredible suites, all walls that can be removed have been, to be replaced with huge windows or canvas. This means that as well as having fantastic views you can hear the animals as they pass, and feel one with the environment rather than being removed (see below for one of the more memorable encounters this created). Note that there are staff around to protect you, so provided you are sensible you will be safe during your stay.

As with all Singita properties you can expect to be pampered during your stay, with fantastic food and drink, and first class guides.

Lying within the Sabi sands private reserve, there are far fewer people with access to the land, so you will meet fewer cars out on game drives. There is also more freedom to go off road when sightings warrent this.

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