De Brazza monkey

De Brazza monkey is a species of old world monkey which  range across the swamps, bamboo and dry mountain forests in a long list oc countries which include Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Kenya, South Sudan, Nigeria and Uganda and possibly Tanzania though reports have not been confirmed.

Troops are found almost exclusively near water, rarely venturing far from a river or stream. They have been seen (on occasion) swimming. The monkeys usually are found in thick forest and vegetation, only venturing into more open forest to feed. Mainly found in the trees, they will descend to the ground in order to feed. Due to its cryptic nature there is no accurate population estimate for the species in the wild.

The diet of De Brazza’s monkeys mostly eat herbaceous plants found on the forest floor, as well as fruits when available. These are supplemented with insects, seeds, and other food sources when primary foods cannot be found.

Predators of the De Brazza’s monkey include the Crowned eagle, Leopard, Human, and Common chimpanzee Though rare,  and Python (genus) may also predate on juvenile De Brazza’s. The typical predator response is to curl up in a tight ball against the side of a tree with the orange crown and white stripes on the thighs hidden and wait silently for the predator to leave. Individuals will only move if the predator approaches their position, and even then they move quietly and slowly to try and escape notice.

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