Croatia is a narrow country for most of its length, though wider at the top. about 25% of the country is considered mountains with a further 17% making up the lower slopes. As such, this country has retained an interesting range of wildlife. It is highly popular for beach holidays (as well as things such as stag do’s) but usually in just an hour or two you can be in the high mountains.

We had a wonderful time in this area, and encountered bears on 4 occasions in the week we were in the country. There are a range of national parks. 

Do use the below map to register encounters you have with interesting animals – to help other visitors find where to look.

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Croatia is not a large country (26th in Europe) but due to its narrow shape, it is very quick to get from the wild places to the coast. The fees leveed within the national parks are very reasonable, and we loved our time in the country.

Links to areas to visit will appear below the blog articles on the country

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