Hello – I am back. Wildlife trip watching Cantabrian bears

Currently, we are still a small operation, so when I am away articles cease. This will change we move forwards.

I have been in Spain. I drove our new electric car down and spent a few days in the Cantabrian mountains.

An image showing what much of the Somiedo national park is like

Why the Cantabrian mountains? I visited them with my family some time ago, but with little time available (and two small children in tow) I was unable to get to the right places to see the bears.

That was not the case here.

Bear watching in the Somiedo is not like much other bear watching in Europe. In both Croatia, Sweden and Romania, if you see a bear it is from within 100m or less.

In the Cantabrian mountains it is quite different. Here you sit high on a mountain slope and watch the mountains around you. This obviously necessitates good scopes, but it also means extremely relaxed bears.

Over the course of the days I was there, I saw about 8 bears. Between them all, I must have had at least 3 hours of solid bear watching. Now while you are at a greater distance than elsewhere in Europe, you are also simply standing or sitting in the open.

I hope to be able to add the guides that I went with as a further option on this site, as weill as pictures (as well as a video) in the next few days – do come back to see more.

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