Andes Cloud forests

One of the most fascinating habitats are cloud forests. These occur between 1800m and 3500m, and are characterized by being very wet environments.

These are incredibly biodiverse places

The Andes cloud forests stretch over 3 countries and a map with links to each is included below. I am yet to have any links here, but would be eager to talk to anyone who works in tourism in this area

Andes Cloud forest – Ecuador

Andes cloud forest of Ecuador

The Andes cloud forest fill a large part of the Ecuadorian highlands.


Although very rich in flora and fauna, few large mammals are found in the Andean Cloud forests, including the Yungas and parts of the Choco exceptions being the threatened mountain tapir, spectacled bear and yellow-tailed woolly monkey.

Ecuador has a national park called

Sangay national park. click here for our listing of it

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Durmitor National park & Tara Canyon, Northern Montenegro

Durmitor National park & Tara Canyon

Durmitor national park is an amazing place in the North of Montenegro, covering 131 square miles (339 square kilometers), just across the border from Southern Croatia. It includes the Durmitor Massif from where it takes its name, and 3 canyons. The majority of the park is wooded, and is home to 163 different bird species and a wide range of newts, frogs, and lizards. Larger animals include wolves, wild boars, brown bears, chamois, and eagles.

High Tatras, Vysoke Tatry (Slovakia and Poland)

High Tatras (Vysoke Tatry), Slovenia and Poland

A place of incredible beauty, where wildlife like bears and wolves have clung on. It is esseintail that the value of this wilderness gem is obviously to peole who live nearby. They cover around 800 square km on the border between Poland and Slovenia, and these mountains are home to Europes big 3 of wolf bear and lynx.

We are looking for partners in the area. Whether wildlife guides or working in hospitality, we want to partner with you so that visitors can enjoy this wilderness, and you can profit from it. Click here or at the link at the top of the page.


Danube delta, Romania and a little Ukraine

Danube delta, Romania and Ukraine

The Danube delta is the second largest in Europe, (after the Volga) but it is the best preserved. 4178 square km which is 1613 square miles. Wolves are slowly returning to the delta, with the help of humans. While not obvious, wolves are likely to reduce local predation, as their presence will reduce the population of golden jackals, which have been damaging herbivore populations.

Lake Balaton and surrounding area

Lake Balaton and surrounding area, Hungary

Lake Balaton is a long and thin lake running east west, close to the west edge of Hungary. The area around this lake is surprisingly wild.

There is a wide range of birds, including bee-eaters and various herons and egrets including a black stork, but perhaps more exciting, European wild cats live in the area around the lake. There is also a healthy population of Otters

Hortobágy National park, Hungary

Hortobày National park, Hungary

This park is 75,000 hectares (289 square miles) which is not vast, but as with many parts of Europe, an protected area often allows animals a respite, and therefore can have a surprisingly high level of increasing populations, far out-stripping their often small size. Pelicans, wild horses, wolves, vultures, wild cats, deer, foxes, ferrets, white-tailed eagles, summer geese, great egrets, grey herons, cranes or black and white storks can all be seen, though animals like wolves are just making a comeback, so consider yourself very lucky if you spot one.

Wolves are only just starting to return. This is a fantastic sign, as Hungary has often not been good at welcoming returning predators eradicated within its borders

Whether you have just a few hours, or several days, stop to explore

aaa Pirin mountains and national park

Pirin mountains and national park

Lying in the South West of Bulgaria, the Pirin mountains are stunning

With populations of bears wolves and Jackals, it is a wonderful place to go looking for wild adventures. Boar deer and Chamois can be seen at different times of the day (though in places where predators lurk, expect to see prey less often in Europe), and 159 recorded bird species here, including eagles, hawks, owls, grouse, and woodpeckers (this is around 1/3 of all the birds in Bulgaria

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