Pygmy Hippopotamus

Dwarf Hippopotamus

The dwarf hippopotamus was a little known species until more recently. However, the pygmy Hippopotamus is far more endangered, with an estimated population of just 2000-2500, compared to 115,000-130,000 common Hippopotamus remaining in the wild.

Now, of course, this comparison is foolish. While the current common hippopotamus is pretty much exclusively restricted to reserves, this is still a large area.

The vast majority – in both numbers and percentage – of the world’s remaining pygmy hippos are found in Liberia, although smaller populations still survive across the border in Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea and Sierra Leone. Furthermore, being a rainforest species, as the rainforest is cut down the animal looses its home (those which have not already been poached.

It is in the same genus as the common hippo, and they are clearly each others closest relation. I hope eventually to be able to list places for you to see this secretive animal, and give people a reason to protect it – if you work with an area like this, please do click on our link “list your wild place” we are eager to help people find you.

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