Bushbuck (cape Bushbuck or Imbabala)

This species is a mid-sized antelope, throughout much of sub-Saharan Africa. Living in areas such as rainforest, Montane forest, Forest-savanna Mosaic, Savanna, Bushveld and woodland. It is around 90cm at the shoulder and weighs between 45kg and 80kg.

They are usually solitary and are territorial, but they are also browsers.

The population is thought to be around 1,340,000 individuals in Africa, which makes it one of the most numerous in Africa. This feels odd, as they are incredibly hard to see (in many parks, such as the Kruger national park), however, due to the danger of being in the African bush there are several rest-stops where bushbucks shelter from predators. This makes them some of the easiest antelopes to have a good look at.

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