Born free

This is a book about a game ranger (George Adamson) who had to shoot a lioness, and then realised she had cubs. He raise raised one cub-Elsa by hand, with Joy his wife and reintroduced it to the wild. 

This contains the first book in the trilogy: Born free (the combined book is out of print)

Joy Adamson was a profilic author and I have many of her books. Currently most of them are out of print, but will add more if I find them online. It is worth searching Amazon for second hand versions of her other books, in particular: the Queen of Shaba and the Spotted Sphinx

Gorillas in the Mist

The gripping tale of Dian Fossey, who was sent by Louis Leakey to study the Mountain gorillas. Turning the usual study practices out and breaking many rules it is a griping true story

In the shadow of man

This is the tale of Jane Goodall at the beginning of her study of the Chimpanzees in Gombe stream. Also sent by Louis Leakey she discovered tool use amongst chimpanzees. 

Life on Air

David Attenborough stands above all other wildlife documentary makers worldwide. Having been writing and or narrating some of the biggest for 50 years. 

With fascinating encounters with all sorts of animals his memoirs are going to thrill

David Attenborough:

Adventures of a young naturalist

The stories of David Attenboroughs early travels, back in 1954 when he started working for the BBC. Stories of trekking to catch  the Komodo dragons and other creatures for the London Zoo. While this would not be acceptable now, discoveries made then often inform what we do now- in terms of conserving the animals for the future.

Frozen Planet

The book that accompanies the series. Wonderfully written, and with fantastic pictures it is a book you will dip into again and again


A daring investigation into the criminal world of wildlife trafficking including the poachers traders and the customers and the people trying to stop it.

Ring of bright water

The true engaging story of a man who encountered a smooth clawed otter in Iraq. When he returned to Scotland the otter came with him.

It is a moving story of one mans link with the natural world.

The return of the wolf

Over the last few decades the wolf has recovered both in Europe and USA. Oddly humans love wolves in our homes (domestic dogs are descendants of wolves) ad fearing wild ones.

The story is fascinating, and with many misconceptions is a book very necessary.

An African Love Story: Love, Life and Elephants

The story in her own words of Daphne Sheldrick, who fell head over heals for David Sheldrick the who was the cheif warden of Tsavo national park in Kenya. Rescuing and rehabilitating elephants and other animals filled her time for over 25 years.

See Animals Wild