Rishi Sunak is making a stupid decision – end of combustion car sales in 2030?

It was only 3 years ago that the government said from 2030 there would be no more combustion engine, yet his most recent decision rolls this back (though it should be noted that he is still aiming for 80% electric car sales by 2030) along with reducing the requirements landlords to insulate their homes so it is cheaper for their renters to heat their home.

Will this foolish back-track be undone after the next election? Will it be seen as a senseless foolish move in the future? I think that this government will struggle to claim climate responsibility in the future

However, his argument was that it was not fair on poor people, and he suggested that it was the elite enforcing unaffordable policies on the poor. This simply is not true.

By supporting this ban, makes it clear to car companies that there will be a big demand for electric cars Рand that will rise fast from 2030. As such, by delaying this rule, it will cause companies to not trust the government. What we need is for many car companies to invest billions in building the small and cheap cars that so many people drive. A small car needs a smaller battery Рin the future, we might be able to drop down the price of small electric cars to under £10,000.

My analysis – it is rubbish, this is not the Conservatives looking out for the poor. Instead it is an attempt to drive a wedge between them and the Labour, and help them get back into office in the next election. My hope is that they will change course, and the country will recognize this for the lies that it is, and vote accordingly. I would argue that without a row-back the Conservatives have just made it clear that they are not safe hands for the environment.

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