“You have adapted a bunker mentality” letter to Rishi Sunak

Now that the dust has settled, lets have a look at the whole Greenpeace debacle and what it is going to mean in the future in the UK.

This was started by Greenpeace engaging in a public protest at Rishi Sunak’s mansion. The reason that they went to his house, is that he is the UK prime minister.

This is Rishi Sunak’s private house. While private property it seems reasonable behaviour given the problem

The problem is, that Rishi Sunak has recently lead a government that is licensing a whole new oil field. The world cannot afford this. The government has, perversely, suggested that by drilling our own oil in a low carbon way is better than using oil from the other side of the world. The problem is, that the oil on the other side of the world will still be extracted, so emissions will not fall. More importantly, this oil field will still be producing large quantities of oil after the UK needs to hit net zero carbon emissions.

The simple fact of the matter, is that the governments environmental policy on this does not make sense. It is perfectly reasonable to target the property of the UK prime minister if he is leading us towards worse decisions. To decide to cut of dealing with a group because you don’t like the way they got your attention – particularly if they have been saying the sae thing politely for many years.

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