Conservative corruption in the UK? £3.5 million donations linked to pollution and climate change denial

There have been many suggestions that the scientific consensus has not been reached, when it comes to climate change, either to its existence or humans effect on it,

The one debate on climate change, before the last election in the UK, and the Conservatives skipped it

This will continue to be a problem, as often these lunatic views (which if you have been reading this blog for some time, you will have read articles talking about how rare a scientific article actually disagrees with consensus) are just that. There are still people in the world who believe the world is flat – that does not stop us flying around it, or planes flying over Antarctica.

However, generally, political contributions are expected to bring the donor connections with the party in question. When that party is in power, this contact is an issue for us all – we do not want carbon emission targets watered down, merely because some crackpot does not believe it, neither do we want targets watered down because a rich person wants to exploit a rich coal seam.

This is why donations to political parties must be public: we must know if the politicians are working for our best interests, or are also trying to please some financial interests of a specific group of the public.

What is clear, is that any delay in fighting climate change properly now, will cost hundreds of times more to deal with in the future, than the miserly savings it might give now.

I want to reach a point where climate change is something that political parties put first. Also, no financial motive should be able to change the governments ideas on this subject. Currently, while much lip service is given to fighting climate change we are spending little on preparing or changing our course. In 2020, £306 million was spent, rising to £404 million in 2021. This is pathetic, and we are leaving a horrific legacy for our children

n.b. If you wish to read the article that prompted this post, it is linked below,%C2%A33.5m%20of%20Tory%20donations%20linked,and%20climate%20denial%2C%20says%20report&text=The%20Conservative%20party%20received%20%C2%A3,year%2C%20according%20to%20new%20analysis.

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