How can we deal with tourism infrastructure that damages the reason that tourists visit the area?

It would seem obvious, when building tourism infrastructure, do not destroy local interesting sites – from wildernesses to historic sites.

If an easier route to a beautiful destination destroys much of the beauty what is the point?

Here a bridge funded by China is threatening to destroy a reef called Paradise reef in the Southern Philippines. Samal Islands is a popular tourist destination, and this bridge that is being built to make visits easier, is likely to destroy the reef. This has not gone under the radar, with a significant local campaign to reroute the bridge.

The narrow strip of water between the mainland and the island hosts the reef which is about 300m long and 50m wide, and has at least types of fish.

It should be noted that this is not the only place where this battle takes place, indeed there are thousands of similar battles around the world.

However, if infrastructure is built merely to make tourists journey an hour less, but destroys one of the likely key draws in the future, it seems extremely short-sited.

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