Charities are meant to serve a public good, does it therefore follow that climate sceptic think tanks should loose charitable status?

In the UK, despite the vast majority of the population fully understanding what is happening to the climate as a result of emissions, there are still a number of high profile groups that are arguing against the status quo. The problem is when we give charitable status – which allows them to increase donations by reclaiming tax (among other benefits).

This is why it is so encouraging that a cross party group of MPs have added their voice to the call for the “climate sceptic thinktank” to be stripped of its charitable status. This claim has been put forwards by the “Good Law Project” which has put forwards an argument that this “thinktank” does not meet its aims as a charity and is simply a lobbying organisation.

The Climate Sceptic thinktank have started a campaigning platform called Net Zero Watch which aims to highlight the costs of net zero.

This group was set up by Nigel Lawson, the former Conservative Chancellor (Steve Baker was a trustee until he took a seat in the cabinet) who in an article last year stated that global heating is a “non-existent problem” and questioned whether the climate crisis was a “quasi-religious hysteria, based on ignorance”.

Charity lawyers have looked at its funding and work, and concluded that it is likely a breach in its charitable status. In particular the complaint points out that money from its charitable foundation is funding lobbying work by its non-charitable arm.

If it is a lobbying group for fossil fuel companies then it is working against the people of this country.

They have argued that this is not the case but it is not convincing. The simple fact is that the scientific consensus has been reached. While there are some contrarian scientist who will cling to the idea that the evidence for global warming is not convincing, these are not considered serious by their peers. It is a simple fact the world is warming, and that the vast majority if not all of it, is caused by human behaviour. Of course this foundation should loose its charitable status. I would also not vote for any person standing as an MP who has allowed their name to be associated with such a stupid organisation.

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