Did Jair Bolsonaro set up a new board to publish deforestation data in July to mislead?

So, Jair Bolsonaro and Luiz Lula de Silva have both made it through to the final round for the presidency.

However, the fact that this new deforestation data board was set up 3 months ago, in the run up to an election. This at a time when Jair Bolsonaro is being hit for his terrible record on deforestation during his first term. In other words, people are claiming that this is purely a political organisation to help him pull the wool over the countries eyes.

Brazilian deforestation is a problem for the world. Giving scientific responsibility for monitoring and reporting forest loss to a political body is mad – we will no longer know what’s happening, if Jair Bolsonaro wins re-election

What has concerned people, is that this data has been reliably published by the INPE for the last 34 years. INPE are globally trusted, so to take it away and give it to his new body which can be swayed.

This is a concern. as we need to know how the deforestation rate is increasing or decreasing. If Jair Bolsonaro wins (or is able to steal re-election) this body is likely to be able to mislead the world. There is less than a month left till we find out if there will be a safe pair of hands responsible for the remaining Brazil rainforest. THE WORLD MUST BE WATCHING

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