The UK likes to claim it leads the world on global warming mitigation right? Solar farms being refused more than any time in the last 5 years

Solar panels are now one of the cheapest way of generating electricity. This is basically a known fact, despite what is said. Now it is true that there has been some farmland that has been used for solar panels (one of the stupid things about this, is that if you make the solar panel stand longer, there are a whole range of crops that could be grown in the shadow of the panels.

It is a good thing to be moving to large amounts of solar panels. We should be covering all large roofs first

Over the last 18 months, solar panels that could have saved the UK households 100 million each year have been turned down. This has got worse over the last few months since the tory leadership contest, because so many of the senior contenders were vocally against solar panels.

The simple fact, is that the UK is an island – we will be adversely effected by sea level rise. We need to head towards net zero at an incredible rapid rate. We need to remember that the reason that electricity prices are so high at the moment, is all because of the high price of gas int he UK. It appears to be the case that particularly rich areas have rejected solar more – in the south west and eastern England.

So why is Liz Truss so keen to ban these money saving devices? Why is she so keen to have us all pay large bills, and remain totally reliant on Russia.

So how are we doing compared to targets set? Well, the UK has a target of getting 70GW of energy by 2035. How are we doing? we are currently getting 14GW, or just 20%.

Solar panel payments are regular and reliable, allowing many farms to stay in business by the regular and reliable payments. Furthermore, while people are worrying about land lost to solar panels, 77 times as much land is given over to biofuels.

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