Devastating fire hits Sierra de Culebra

The Sierra de Culebra is a hunting reserve on the North East corner of Portugal, and across the border in Spain.

This hunting reserve was essential in saving the Iberian wolf when it was at its smallest 70 years ago (or so).

Currently roughly 10 packs live within the reserves boundaries – so around 80 wolves. Given that the reserve only covers 80-100 square miles, this is easily the highest density of wolves in the world.

While it is thought that the adults will have mostly survived, this years young are likely to have been too small and weak.

Thankfully, the wolf in Spain is now doing quite well. The Iberian peninsula is thought to contain about 2500 wolves, as such the loss of the Sierra de Culebra is not likely to threaten their further survival.

Speaking from experience, I hope that this reserve recovers as it is a special place.

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