Issues, hopefully resolved, and future progress

This website was set up to do a few things.

It was set up to highlight important wildlife news. While it is always possible for it to do more of this, I believe that it is succeeding on this front to some degree.

The next aim was to simplify wildlife travel. This is obviously far harder. We have begun, but with Covid having put paid to most wildlife travel for the last few years, this is yet to take off in any meaningful way. We aim for the website to make it easier to find interesting wildlife and to be able to go and visit it.

We have a few destinations that are live, however there are millions of potential wildlife destinations around the world (ranging from the huge to the tiny). It is obviously not possible for these to all be listed by one person (or even one organisation).

This is where our latest phase comes in. We are building members areas. Now there are 2 different groups of people who we wish to cater for.

MEMBERS The first is those who live alongside wildlife: We wish to help these people gain a positive impact from living near wildlife. The aim is that whether their primary occupation is to do with the wildlife or not, they can make money from it. We are building a page builder for anyone to list their wild place, and start hosting visitors – in return for money which can offset any damage done.

AFFILIATE MEMBERS This is for anyone else who wishes to save the natural world. This membership will cost a little bit a month, but will give a range of benefits. This includes discussion forums, but also includes the ability to help the website grow by listing places which you have visited (and the people you encountered) and therefore helping us protect it by giving it a financial bonus – which will be lost if the wildlife is lost.

The software has had a bit of a conflict which is what has resulted in the pause in posts, but we hope we have solved this problem. If we have, we hope to go live with our members areas in the next few days, and be able to partner with you all in a more practical way

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