We are back – otters on Mull

We have been away. As part of our trip we spent significant time watching otters on the Isle of Mull.

Why are otters easier to see on the Scottish islands?

The total otter population of the UK is thought to be around 10,000. Around 90% of this is on the mainland, but the last 10% live out on the islands off the coast of Scotland – and this is where they are watched the most.

Why are they easier to see on the little islands rather than on the mainland? Essentially, this is down to what they eat. On mainland Britain Otters live in rivers and eat fish, on the Islands the Otters feed at low tide. This means that they are far easier to find, and at the right time of the month they will be active in the middle of the day.

Over the next few weeks, we will put together a video of our footage, as well as pages to help wild holidays to these islands.

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