The British governments slow progress on opening up travel endangers wildlife around the world

The governments approach to opening up after the epidemic has been slow. This is of course entirely understandable.

However, wildlife destinations around the world have been starved of finances for 2 years now. It is increasingly clear that fully vaccinated people are little at risk. I should note that this website is in the same position.

Many of the reserves that are listed here are run by a company called Singita. who is calling for a more nuanced approach.

There is a need for tourists to be able to return to wild holidays asap. Without this source of income, many of these destinations will be forced to resort to hunting tourism. Due to the expense, hunting tourism can keep a reserve in business with far fewer people visiting.

Of course, this is not good for the long term viability of the industry. We must start rushing out Delta variant boosters if we wish to live in a world where lions and elephants still roam the wilds.

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