China must close 600 coal-fired power plants early to hit their own climate target – but this could save money

China has stated that they will peak their emissions by 2030 and hit carbon neutrality by 2060. These targets are just about acceptable in terms of meeting the human races target of holding temperature raise to 1.5 degrees C.

It should be noted that China stands to lose more than almost any other country, if this target is not met, so it is within their own self interest.

These 600 coal fired power plants create 364 megawatts of power, the ridiculous fact is that in replacing these coal powered plants are likely to save $1.6 trillion dollars (£1.2 trillion) over the period as wind and solar are so much cheaper.

There would also be huge savings in health as well.

If there are health savings, financial savings and climate savings to be had why would you carry on with business as normal.

There is a strong like of coal in China, however, given the transfer is likely to create vast numbers of jobs in a an array of industries, and these are likely to pay better salaries as well.

Essentially this news is pretty clear. If China is to behave in a logical way it will move on climate fast. Whether we will see this move taken willingly will be something we will have to wait and see.

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