Indonesia has recently changed its rules, designating large areas once protected forests for food production

I wrote the other day, about the ability of brewing palm oil, rather than creating huge estates to grow it. Perhaps these two issues could be combined to solve both problems

Well a few months ago, Indonesia changed its regulations which would allow large areas of protected land to be cleared for food production.

While it is certainly true that Indonesia has every right to grow enough food to support its population, this does not require them to cut down their huge forests. If it indeed becomes possible to brew palm oil, this will likely cut out the market from palm oil farms.

When this happens, vast areas of palm oil will become worthless. Indonesia has already cut down huge areas of rainforest over the last few decades – more than enough to supple food for its growing population.

This should merely ramp up the pressure on the capabilities of brewing the palm oil we need, allowing parts of the sprawling palm oil plantation land to be converted into food production, while the rest can be returned to rainforest.

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