Pittsburg still fully supports the Paris climate accord, as do the majority of Americans so who does Ted Cruz support?

Ted Cruz foolishly highlighted Donald Trump’s comment about how he was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh not Paris. This is obviously a foolish comment, as the Paris climate accord is not in place to protect Paris, but the whole world. Ted Cruz also attack Pete Buttegig on cancellation of keystone pipeline, suggesting this decision is somehow anti-democratic despite more than 80 million people voting for the Democrat climate policy. Just to note: Ted Cruz’s argument is foolish as there are far more jobs in clean energy than fossil fuels in America, even more so around the world.

The Daily Mail put out a survey showing one in three Americans disagree about rejoining the Paris climate accord. My answer is right, so what? That means that two-thirds of people do want to rejoin the Paris climate accord, or to put it differently a majority of Americans still wish to rejoin the Paris climate accord, therefore Joe Biden is following the democratic desire of the country.

Another thought that must be considered is this: Ted Cruz took huge amounts of money from oil and gas companies, such that he took more than all senators but two. It seems this money gives fossil fuel companies more representation than the citizens of Texas – which was won by Republicans by only 5.5%. Typically a safe state, Texas is becoming increasingly competitive partly because of foolish Republican politicians.

Perhaps more importantly, Ted Cruz specifically demanded that the electoral votes from the state of Kansas (in which Pittsburgh is found) among others should not be counted – which would have helped move Trump towards a win. However Trump specifically stated that he was elected to represent the members of Pittsburgh not Paris – the stupidity of this being that the Paris climate accord is to give the entire world and environment that is sustainable to human life not merely that people of Paris.

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