Denial of human link to climate change in Australia

Australia is one of a growing list of countries where global warming is incredibly obvious. Unfortunately the current leading Australian parliamentary party is full of people who deny that humans have any impact on the environment, this is very useful for them as a large amount of money in the country comes from coal mining. 

Given the huge amount of sun and the large space in Australia, it is perfect for running it’s country off solar, but due to the extraordinary cheap coal they have not made as much progress on this front as they should have done.

Of course this is not helped by the messages denying any need for emission reductions coming from senior politicians.

Scott Morrison the prime minister is fully understanding (or at least said he is) of the need for change in Australia,unfortunately he and other senior members have spent many years denying this.

Scott Morrison, prime minister of Australia, significant climate change denialist

What is stupid is that with the incredible amount of solar energy that hits the country Australia, they should have the ability to go carbon neutral long before anyone else.

At the moment Australia has around twice as many climate change denies as any other country in the world. This is particularly bizarre, as global warming is more obvious in Australia than almost any other country on earth, with parts of the country becoming impossible to live in.

There is a similar pattern to elsewhere, where are the young offaly recognising the danger to their future, however the older people (the generation who are at fault) deny the science and ignore the signs.

It is a sad fact, that many first world countries deny the obvious facts around them. Although these countries clearly have more to lose by greening the world (as they have grown rich on the old system), it seems old as generally these countries are the ones with the well-known universities, from which of the player climate change research comes out.

One can only hope, that economics forces Australia to act sooner rather than later.

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