David Attenborough leads worldwide calls to invest 500 billion a year in wildlife nature conservation

I wrote recently about a suggestion that as we exit Coronavirus issues we invest around 50 billion a year, into reforestation biodiversity loss correction and and a network of observers to give us early warning of a future epidemic.

David Attenborough and 130 other people who are backing his suggestion, is calling for a 10 times higher investment each year in conservation. The call all is led by flora and fauna international.

Currently the world is the what to spend about 50 billion annually on on the natural world. While the original suggestion would have targeted the money to a a small number of targets, there’s still hopefully having a big impact, this new plan would require a step change. 

The the huge amount of money that has been suggested, would be more than available if countries around the world shifted funding from fossil fuels to the natural world. 

We know worldwide that fossil fuels must be abandoned if the world is to not warm to an unacceptable degree. While there is still a ridiculously high number of people who argue about this we cannot afford to wait.

The fact that country still feel it’s acceptable to elect people who ignore science like Donald Trump or Jair Bolsonaro, cannot be an excuse anymore.

The price to do something will only get worse as time passes, as the longer we leave it the faster we will have to act when we do.

My hope, is that with these two calls only a weeks apart, government’s around the world realize then action must be taken now. Whether we managed to raise the upper levels how to invest in the natural world or we stop at the absolute bottom end, we must do something, and if we only created an epidemic warning system we would be missing a chance to make a significant change that will be good for our children and descendants after then

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