Good news for the Javan rhino

The Javan rhino is critically endangered, with a population comfortably under 100 individuals.

This is why it is very exciting that people have spotted two new calves this year in there only remaining habitat of Ujung Kulon National Park.

Two Javan rhino calves seen in the wild this year, bringing the population to 74. While this is still a stupidly low number, it suggests that this population still has enough habitat and healthy gene population to survive if only humans can stop poaching them

These two new additions to the population I thought to bring the total to 74 wild animals. It is encouraging because it shows that population is still healthy, if enough land can be protected and poaching halted then the Javan rhino could potentially recover.

It should be noted however that in the past job and rhinos were found across a large chunk of Asia, including Sumatra and some of the other islands, and large parts of the mainland from huge areas in India and Bangladesh even two parts of China.

Numbers have been growing slowly over the last 50 years, but the area needs to be well protected if this population is to fully recover and allow us to start reintroducing it’s in two areas that suffer due to its loss.

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