28 trillion tones of ice lost in 26 years

Permanent ice caps are melting at increasingly rapid rates. The permanent ice that covers Antarctica Greenland and large parts of Canada lock up vast quantities of water that would otherwise be part of the ocean. 

As this water melts, there are a number of impacts the most obvious of which is rising sea levels. However this is far from the only problem. The additional freshwater in the sea changes how the sea works, damaging the seas ecosystem, allowing it to taken laugh less carbon dioxide making the situation worse. Increasingly not only do people get displaced from around the coast, but with melting glaciers they are also being displaced from high in mountains as their water source is disappearing.

In 2019 the Greenland ice sheet lost roughly 1 million tons of ice every minute (more than half a trillion tons of ice during the course of the year).

There has been a recognized scientific pattern, showing animals gradually moving up the mountain as the climate warms. This shows that we are going to have problems because high mountain life is going to become impossible, for human and animal alike

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