Astoundingly the US republican party has recycled their climate policies from 2016

Despite the urgency, Trump’s presidency has not been mosh with progress on the environmental front. He continues to talk about clean air and clean water,but doesn’t seem to understand the threat of global warming. Indeed the Trump presidency has been marked by the administration undoing many sensible moves made under previous presidents.

For any Americans amongst the readers, studies have tried to calculate the cost of climate change. Their analysis suggests that only India and Brazil will pay a higher cost for global warming than the USA.

Therefore it seems absurd that one of the two in parties in the USA, felt it is acceptable to publish there manifesto, that does not update their climate policy from 4 years ago-he extends it talks about what Barack Obama had done. Indeed given the references to Obama, would suggest it was cut and pasted from their last manifesto.

If you have children in the USA and you wish for them to have a world that they can enjoy the same sort of life we have, it is clear that you cannot vote for the Trumps republican party-I only pray that this does not remain the case for too much longer and that republicans return to the party of sense.

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