According to a recent global study 61% of Americans are concerned about climate change

The USA is a confusing place. They have more scientists and better funding for research than almost anywhere else in the world.

A recent global survey comparing different countries views on climate change found that 61% of Americans recognize the severity of the problem we’re facing and want something done about it. According to a Yale study 70% of Americans consider action on climate change more important than economic growth.

Given these numbers most people’s response should be bafflement: how can a country with views this much in line with science, have voted for Trump? There is little you can concretely say about Trumps views on climate change, because on virtually all subjects he has answered questions in both ways over time. The one thing that you can be sure of as an American is that there is no climate position that you can rely on Trump to do anything sensible

Of course, this confusion cannot really remain, when you look at his performance. He has overturned hundreds of climate protection regulations and if reelected, will withdraw from the Paris climate agreement (the built in cooling off period will be over so it will actually take effect).

So what gives, America? Your not stupid. Unfortunately, far less, 41% believe it will impact them directly (a strange statistic as studies have shown the USA is likely to suffer the 3rd most economic damage due to climate change, only after India and Brazil). 

Clearly then, there is a way to get Americans to demand action- educate them, so they understand the personal cost.

Furthermore, 76% of Americans believe developed countries have a responsibility to assist developing countries as they try to change their economy to fight climate change. With these numbers, Trump clearly was not ruling in line with his citizens views or economic interests at heart. Very clearly, it is any advantage now, someone else can deal with the problems in the future.

The problem is, if the world is to avoid catastrophic climate change, the pace necessary is already scary. Some people calculated another 4 years of Trump, would require 15%a year cuts after that- a number high enough to severely affect economic growth (in other words if we have any more delay, it will become a choice between economy and saving the world- clearly only a short term option anyway).

Americans, dealing with climate change is inevitable, either now and avoiding the worst impacts, or later with the catastrophic changes to our lifestyle this will force on our children and grandchildren. Around the world, generation after generation strive through their lives to make sure their children will have a better more prosperous life than they did- why doesn’t it seen to extend to this?

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