Why are there still do many climate change deniers left, as it effects become impossible to ignore?

Despite the fact that the majority of the world’s population is increasingly worried by global warming and its effects,and the fact that day by day in year by year we see those effects more and more in the world around us people continue to deny the science that explains an accurately predicts affects we’ve seen and what is likely to happen next.

There are a variety of ways to to categorise these climate change deniers. perhaps the easiest group to understand those who will be financely severely damaged, or their status removed, by the moving away from fossil fuels and into is generating power cleanly. Fossil fuel companies are some of the richest on earth, and while some are making small moves to diversify, they are unlikely to be earning as much at this point: giving them great incentive to delay or block moves in the right direction.

Second there are the people who have continued to argue with the science many have made a fantastic living writing articles for a newspaper will print them that deny the facts of scientific global warming, whether by simply stating them or twisting them so that they don’t make sense- unfortunately because so many people want them to be right it doesn’t seem to have matted has stupid their arguments are they have continued to get a place at the table, clearly this must change.

then there are those who largely go along with the arguments put forward but come to different conclusions (usually predicting far less extreme outcomes). In some ways these are the most frustrated because as time goes on they lose more and more prestige and I listen to less and less. As time goes by these people will become more and more obviously wrong unfortunately they may delay things enough to cost the human race a great deal of money.

Finally the fourth feels that the market should run everything. If global warming is true and large parts of the planet will be flooded then the market will naturally price dealing with this with a high enough price to make people take it seriously. This frankly is perhaps the stupidest of all. It is the ostrich putting its head in the sand-they know what is coming and they believe that the markets will price it effectively enough in time for us to do something about it, therefore there is no need for them to change their life or in any other way make adjustments.

Frankly it doesn’t matter which of these camps people fall into, I am particularly baffled by people who have children or grandchildren and yet continue to deny the science of climate change. What world are you leaving for the sentence? Potentially one in which before harder to live in if indeed it is possible at all.

Politicians should in theory not fall into any of these categories. They are there for the greater good, the political future requires them to have done a good job for the majority of their constituents- trump is peculiar at different times he seems to have been a climate denier of each of the different types of despite the contradicting forms that each takes.

This should be obvious, though would appear in America enough people think he is supporting their view for them to want him to stay in post. Frankly any argument about whether Joe Biden is capable of leading America is irrelevant- clearly Donald trump isn’t.

In most parts of the world being scientifically illiterate to the level of Donald trump would you rule you out as a kinder dit for president let alone the ability to win that post. Whether it is trump’s bizarre views on climate change (largely unreliable anyway given how often they change anyway), and the fact that a country with 4% of the global population currently omitting 25% of the world’s carbon dioxide is essentially made little effort to reduce it’s emissions in the last 4 years. It should also be noted that even if you just look say what trump talks about-saying he wants clean air and clean water, one of the first triumphs he had after coming into office was to eradicate the clean water act put in place by President Obama. However there is a more clear reason putting in someone who is scientifically illiterate is a problem. Look at Donald trump’s performance on coronavirus. He has flip flops from one foolish argument to another, he is performing worse then many developing Nations, surely more than 150000 lives is enough to make sure someone does not get a second term.

Given the huge amount of Carbon that America emits the rest of the world relies on the American population too to see sense and elect someone who does not refuse to look at what’s in front of them.

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