GOOD NEWS: Tigers and mountain gorillas rebounding in their native habitats

There are few bits of positive news in the world of conservation so those that come up must be celebrated. At world conservation day recently, they were celebrating the recovery of mountain gorillas and tigers (particularly Indian tigers).

Mountain Gorillas are only found in 2 reserves
Tiger numbers fell very fast, with perhaps 100,000 tigers in 1900. There is certainly space for many more

Both species have done phenomenally well over the last few decades. In the 1980s mountain gorillas numbers had fallen to around 350, the world’s population has just gone back above 1000.

Similarly between 2006 and 2018 the number of wild tigers in India are thought to have doubled, with the number in Nepal having doubled since 2009. Bhutan population doubled between 2010 and 2018. Even in China and Russia the tiger population is growing at a good speed.

While it is certainly true that there is a lot of animals that are threatened by human behaviour, it is great to see species being called back from the brink by humans. It should also be noted, that both tigers and mountain gorillas are umbrella species.generally the protection of these species requires the protection of the environment they live in, and therefore by protecting these apex animals you can protect hundreds of other species of mammals that live alongside the

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