There are 20000 gold miners within theYanomami Park in Brazil but they only have to get out because of coronavirus

Under the presidency of Jair Bolsonaro, there has been a distinct lack of respect for protected areas and dislike of enforcing the rules by the government.

A judge has ordered the 20,000 gold miners with in the Yamonami park out of the park for the duration of the coronavirus outrage to protect the tribal people within it.

The fact that the gold miners have absolutely zero right to be there in the first place seems to have been ignored. Sure get the miners out to protect tribes from coronavirus – but when the coronavirus is over don’t allow them to go back in,make sure that things are set up so that the part can return to the way it should be. The park is for the protection of tribal people and the wildlife of the region not for land grabbers to mine gold.

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