how to discredit global warming science the yes Minister way

This clip is alarmingly accurate in its portrayal of the Australian government’s approach to climate change, and how phenomenally similar it has been to Humphrey Applebys outline as to how to discredit a report.  When a government is behaving in this way it is time for their voters to get rid of them. In this instance Tony Abbott has been voted out, though no new direction of the Australian government has emerged since.

The clip starts with a yes minister clip outlining their problem, however when Humphrey Appleby starts to outline the solution, each action is paired with a clip of Tony Abbott or one of his ministers carrying out the action

Tony Abbott the former prime minister of Australia, has continued to sprout his full statements intentional misleading and and lack of understanding of the science despite having been voted out of office.

Australians should be angry at this. Yes global warming will have a big impact on Australia as it will on every country. The mining industry of Australia will have to be largely shut down. However highly profitable solar and all sorts of other new Industries could spring up in Australia and mean that that Australia is a company gets a boost in GDP.

Australia will be hard hit by global warming as much of the country is already difficult to live in, therefore arguing the status Quo is fine should be be political suicide. The fact that Tony Abbott not only lost the Premiership but also his seat in Parliament would suggest that this was at least part of the reason for his downfall.

While Australia has historically been less concerned by climate and global warming than much of the world this is changing particularly amongst the younger population. Around the world younger Generations have been forging a path towards a sustainable future way of living and as politicians ignore this they will increasingly be thrown out of office. There are of course anomalies such as Donald Trump who followed a president that whether you like him or hate him made good progress towards cutting America’s carbon emissions. Arguing global warming will not damage us does not yet appear around the world to be political suicide, recent trends suggest that this will become the case in in the coming years.

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