Why does the political leadership of USA ignore climate change despite 59% of Americans agreeing with it?

In America the number of people who agree that climate change is caused by humans and we must do something about it has risen from 42% in only 6 years.

Unfortunately this question is very easy to answer. While 85% of Democrats would consider this one of the greatest threats, only 27% of Republicans feel the same way.

When did Republicans become the anti-science party? And the argument that Republicans are pro-business doesn’t stand up- since when was a good business plan “to stick your head in the sand”? 

The evidence is in (it has been for four decades in private, and in public for more than two decades).

It is possible that it is not Republicans but Donald Trump that is anti science, I would not know. However, what is clear is that not believing will not stop American being hit harder by climate change than almost anywhere else in the world. Indeed a study last year suggested the USA would be the country third hardest hit.

It is true that many Republican politicians are very wealthy and can afford to move inland, but this cannot be their reasoning. 

Americans have a chance to force change in November – no one who denies the scientific facts of climate change can stay (and those who changed in the last decade should go to). The USA is the climate pariah of the whole world – money to change but not the desire at the top. It should be noted that the American people are far more accepting of reality than their politicians – it is curious therefore that climate change deniers keep being elected so often.

Without significant change in direction this year in the election (apart from cementing a calamitous future for our children) any future leadership position in for America should be eliminated – other countries should not listen to the views of America when they are so far from the established scientific facts: there are still people who do not believe the world is round, that does not come into calculations about space flight or indeed the round for aviation.

A scientific conclusion of what is happening to the world through global warming has been reached. We must now move on with doing something about it. Any country still unwilling to accept reality cannot stop the world doing what is necessary.

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