In a human crisis the Natural World often does incredibly well

It would appear that corvid 19 has had a phenomenal good impact on the Worlds atmosphere. The fact that significant portions of of China have been under lockdown has meant that the factories are closed down. Satellite pictures of these places show significantly less pollution then is normally the case.

civit cat in a city

Similar impacts can be seen over parts of India and western Europe.

The reduction of traffic in venice canals has allowed the mud to settle. As a result, fish can be seen in the water. Ducks and swans have returned. More incredible, dolphins have followed the fish, so they can now be seen in canals in central venice. 

leopards are being seen on the outskirts of cities and farmland, being abandoned by humans temporarily

During the the Civil War that took over life in Rwanda the mountain gorilla population did astoundingly well.

mass of monkeys

During the second world war and during the Cold War the population of wolves and bears recovered significantly in Western Europe.

What am I trying to say? I’m not trying to argue that Wars or famine or genocide are good things. However it is certainly true that the human race has not learnt to to dislocate improvement in the economy from damage to the environment surrounding the activity. At least that has been true up until the last few decades.

Humanity may finally be learning to to break the connection between economic output and increase in environmental damage. We must try to our greatest ability to make sure that our purchases support this move as much as possible.

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