EPA to expand censorship of government scientific papers

Under Scott pruitt the EPA made changes that will allow them to sensor or remove unhelpful parts of governmental scientific papers.

Despite more than 600000 negative comments about this proposal, got through it’s replacement the coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler is increasing the Invasion that the EPA will make into governmental scientific papers.

These changes will include 

  • a broader definition of scientific papers- applying to any models or data used by the government to decide policy.
  • The ability for the EPA to interfere in any paper as they see fit, and to choose the criteria of this interference as they go along
  • A veto power that allows them to ignore or any rules and to pick and choose papers that help support their position
  • These new rules would be applied retroactively so could require the throwing out of tens of thousands of scientifically based studies that have given the reasoning for decisions made by the government over past decades.

At a time when Trump’s foolish disregard for science and experts has led to a slow badly formulated attack against corvid 19, Americans and the rest of the world should be alarmed at the idea that science will have an even smaller part in future decisions.

As the science becomes clearer on various threats to future survival of the human race, the fact that the largest economy on earth and the country who emits the second most pollution of any country in the world (and per capita is far ahead) it should be alarming to all American citizens that their own government is keen to not only ignore the evidence but make it harder for future more sensible governments to reverse this mad policy. What ever the short term cost of cutting pollution for future, this will be far less than will have to be paid by future generations should this action not be taken.

In theory, everyone wants to leave a better world for their children than they faced. Is America a country who is moving away from this?

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