Lowland gorillas have been sighted in the Equatorial Guinea for the first time in a decade

Equatorial Guinea lies on the west coast of Africa above Gabon. Sightings of the gorillas were made within the Monte Alen National Park. In the past gorillas with plentiful in this area that horrific poaching was thought to have eradicated them from this part of Africa.

first gorilla sighting in Equatorial Guinea in a decade

Of particular excitement was the fact that there was a 4-year old gorilla amongst the group. This is good because generally only animals that are coping well breed successfully, so the presence of this youngster shows that this population is not merely hanging on.

Western lowland gorillas populations are falling fast. While their current population numbers a little over 300000 it has fallen dramatically in recent years mostly due to the bush-meat trade.

These photos are important as they will allow money to be raised for serious conservation efforts within the park that can make sure that this small population remains protected and that poaching levels reduce.

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