A picture of 5 Young environmental campaigners at Davos was taken and then cropped in an unfortunate way

The Gathering of world leaders and ultra wealthy at Davos in Switzerland has just occurred. There is a great deal of talk about the environment and cutting climate warming gases such as CO2 ( attendees that increasingly aware of the hypocrisy of a riding on private jets to an event like this).

At this event five young environmental campaigners had come to speak to people and they were photographed together. Unfortunately despite the above picture showing all 5, associated Press made a copy available to its members in which the only African woman in the group Vanessa Nakate was cut out of the picture. While associated Press argued that they had nearly at the picture so is to remove the building from the background and it has not gone down well. Africa is responsible for a very small portion of the carbon emissions of the planet.

Associated Press has since replace the cropped image with the original one though it is making an effort not to draw any attention to itself and and there is no apology for the behaviour attached to the picture in question.

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