Review of the Mountains of the Moon photography exhibition

For another month the Royal Geographical Society are holding an exhibition of photographs taken by a group of people who spent a considerable length of time exploring the Rwenzori mountains. The exhibition is in London, at the North end of Exhibition Road.

The Rwenzori mountains, also known popularly as the Mountains of the Moon, lie on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda. Many years ago I read one of the Willard Price adventure books which is set in these mountains, and as such these mountains have always been a fascination to me. I very much hope one day to visit them but these pictures were extremely good. A large room holds a decent number of pictures to look at and will take a good half an hour if you’re taking your time to really enjoy them.

The exhibition is mostly taking in panoramas and vegetation with a few creatures but interestingly very few primates (given the facts of this area is known for its great apes and other primates).

This exhibition is well worth a visit and is free to go in, and it closes on the 17th April 2019.

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