Trump’s new EPA leader has made some alarming comments

Andrew Wheeler was appointed by Donald Trump to be the head of the Environmental Protections Agency, taking on the role permanently in January 2019. When asked, Wheeler stated that he did not believe the climate change was the greatest crisis. This clearly isn’t really a person that should be put in a position of this responsibility in this field. He also claimed this is a problem that can be only dealt with globally, but the fact is that this global community is trying to do exactly that, and that America is one of the only countries who have refused to sign up to that attempt. He is intentionally ignoring the fact that as EPA chief he can do an awful lot, but clearly this is not something that matters to him.

When asked for his views on climate change by Bernie Sanders and Ed Markey he stated that it was a serious problem but not one that could be addressed by government regulations. As the incoming leader of one of the few agencies in America who can do something about it, this would suggest that he is not acceptable as it puts him in charge of one of the few governmental bodies that could start to address climate change caused by American actions.

Frankly, as a former lobbyist for the fossil fuel industries he should have quite obviously been excluded from this position unless he has a sensible view on the impact of fossil fuels have, in line with the overwhelming majority view. In any normal administration this would have ruled him out.

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